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MS SharePoint Training in Maryland (MD)

While not technically an IT certification presently, the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Certification Exam will focus on the creation, sharing, and management of content using Microsoft SharePoint. This program is a server suite that provides fundamental services such as server control, search functionality, data storage management, and many others. The focus of SharePoint is content sharing, as the name implies; it is intended for community applications such as portal creation or document management programs. SharePoint grew out of Microsoft’s attempt to build an Office-based server platform, codenamed “Tahoe.” The SharePoint program suite is highly customizable and interfaces fully with other Microsoft Office products. Applications written in Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework or later can be used to modify SharePoint content and provide API control over the server.

While SharePoint is not currently matched with a full Microsoft Certification Exam, the exam is forthcoming according to data released by the company. Web designers seeking to expand their repertoire and move into the realm of the commercial Internet should keep a sharp eye out for more data regarding exam availability. Currently, the SharePoint exam is grouped with the remainder of the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications; in theory, this means that any technician who certifies as a SharePoint specialist will earn the MOS simultaneously. SharePoint Administrator certifications are available as a portion of the Microsoft Certified IT Professional course. This material is generally most valuable for technicians regularly engaged in server administration in the workplace.

Maryland’s Best MS SharePoint Training Classes

Microsoft SharePoint training is something that can be found by a few simple clicks of the mouse. However, finding a reputable, hands-on SharePoint training class by an application expert with a good personality isn’t all that easy to find.