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CompTIA Network+ Training Courses in Maryland

Much like the A+, the CompTIA Network+ certification provides technicians new to corporate networking with a solid grounding in the most important techniques. The Network+ certification covers not only setting up and configuring networks, but also maintaining advanced levels of control over network equipment, protecting networked computers from extraneous or internal threats, and practical repair and troubleshooting skills as they relate to computer networking. According to the CompTIA website, nearly 250,000 people have sought out the Network+ certification, primarily for the confidence it breeds in employers that the holder is well-trained to conquer most network problems. The Network+ certification has the added benefit of providing credit on the Microsoft Certified System Administrator track, as well as in several other similar programs besides.

The Network+ exam is meant for candidates who have worked in the IT field and have at least nine months of hands-on experience with networking technology, including installs, troubleshooting, security, and maintenance. The test itself is a hundred-question multiple choice exam covering the aforementioned topics. As the CompTIA Network+ exam is an international certification, it is currently available in Spanish, English, and German with more languages on the way. The CompTIA A+ exam is considered prerequisite to the more advanced Network+ certification. IT professionals looking to make the jump from home networking to the corporate world, or new hires seeking to impress with their competence should strongly consider adding a Network+ certification to an existing A+ cert. Managers seek candidates with diverse skills and knowledge, and the Network+ is a strong signal to potential employers.

Networking Industry Expert Lead Hands-On Training in Maryland (MD)

If you would like to take a Network+ training class in Maryland that teaches you the concepts with as much hands-on learning as possible and one that is led by and an industry experienced professional, then look no further!