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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Training Classes – Maryland

As technical certifications go, the Microsoft Office Specialist certification may not seem especially IT oriented. In fact, the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification offers proof positive that the holder is capable of maximizing office productivity and vastly increasing workplace efficiency by passing on their skills and knowledge to others. While the Microsoft Office program family is considered to be extremely user-friendly and is in use by millions of people worldwide, the software itself can offer many advanced functions that beginners tend to ignore. MOS not only covers the functionality and operation of each Microsoft Office program in turn, it teaches students how to best accomplish tasks and projects across the spectrum of available office software. This interdisciplinary approach is much sought-after by corporate management, making the MOS an excellent choice for professionals looking to set themselves apart in a competitive job pool.

The MOS is awarded for successfully passing any of a variety of Microsoft software certification exams. Expert versions of some tests are available for advanced students who want to truly showcase their skills. Microsoft has written versions of the exam for most components of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 software, along with older exams available for those who wish to certify on legacy technology that can still be found in the workplace. While no Windows 7 exists in this track currently, it is thought to be in development. Similarly, the Microsoft SharePoint exam is currently under construction with plans to launch within the coming year. MOS may not be the certification of choice for networking or security based IT professionals, but consumer-focused technicians or any tutor or trainer, it is a must-have.

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