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MCITP – Server Administrator Training Classes in Maryland

Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification is not an individual test, but rather a collection of training modules that cover everything from server administration to desktop repair and support. The Server Administrator certification is one of the most popular options; it is viewed in professional server administrator circles as proof of technical excellence and dependable answers, no matter the problem at hand. Unlike some of the more broad certifications in the world of IT, MCITP exams prepare a technician for employment in one specific role. For this reason, many technicians acquire various certifications over the course of their professional careers as a means of signaling the will to learn and grow, and also to stay on top of the latest trends in technology. The current Server Administrator exam covers Microsoft Server 2008.

One of the main draws of MCITP certification is access to a global network of fellow certified technicians for expert advice from others in the industry. Microsoft’s status as a giant of the information technology industry lends credibility even when potential employers are not particularly tech-savvy. Professionals responsible for technology implementation in the workplace may benefit the most from the MCITP program; while some entry-level certifications exist, MCITP is generally not a starting step on the road to a corporate IT career. For budget-conscious technicians, Microsoft offers a range of discount packages including free retakes for first-time exam takers.

The Best MCITP-SA Training in Maryland

Use the link below to get enrollment info on the best MCITP-SA training classes in Maryland. You can sign up to take the evening class or the MCITP-SA bootcamp class. Use the link below to get info from Maryland’s best training company.