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The Best ECSA / LPT Training Classes in Maryland and in the World


Following the CEH, many IT workers who are seeking a career in the network penetration testing sector will elect to test for the EC-Council Certified Analyst or Licensed Penetration Tester certification levels. ECSA and LPT are intended as steps for technicians who excelled in the CEH curriculum and are planning to make their careers in network penetration testing and administrative security. The ECSA / LPT course offers an advanced, in-depth focus on network security and complex intrusion software. Administrators and IT risk management specialists typically get the most value from a course of this type and it is all but mandatory for IT technicians who plan to specialize in network penetration.

The ECSA exam covers a variety of modules including the theory and management of modern network security, common publicly-available intrusion methods and how they can be thwarted, packet analysis security protocols and how analytic tools can be leveraged to breach security, and many more besides. This comprehensive certification also prepares students for the LPT exam. The LPT certification itself focuses more on the techniques of penetration testing and proper exploit documentation, whereas ECSA is a broader security certification relevant to all technicians working with networks or firewalls on a regular basis. As with many of the more advanced security-related certifications, ECSA and LPT cover material related to the legality and broader theory of network infrastructure security and how to properly optimize networks to resist a variety of threats. Participants in the ECSA are required to be security professionals actively engaged in practicing their trade. Unlike many other commonly held certifications, ECSA and LPT are not intended for newcomers to the IT industry, and will be looked upon very favorably by security-conscious potential employers.

Hands-On ECSA and LPT Training in Maryland (MD)

The world’s #1 EC-Council training provider (EC-Council ATC of the Year) is located in Maryland. They can perform training anywhere in the world, but they hold open enrollment ECSA/LPT classes at their two locations, one being in Greenbelt MD.