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CompTIA A+ Training Classes in Maryland

CompTIA A+ (A Plus) certification is a fundamental certification for computer support technicians. A cornerstone of the consumer and light corporate IT world, the A+ certification covers many and various topics in hardware and software repair including performing maintenance on many modern operating systems, testing component function, and conducting hardware repairs. Technicians holding a CompTIA A+ certification can be relied on for installation, upgrades, minor to moderate repair work, and general IT support including printer work. The A+ exam is intended for newer members of the IT community with around five hundred hours of hands-on repair work.

The A Plus certification is awarded after candidates successfully pass two exams: a general repair exam covering a broad variety of topics including networking basics, peripheral installation and troubleshooting, practical security, and hardware identification. The test is multiple choice with some graphics. The second exam tests knowledge of operating system components and troubleshooting procedures. Various practice questions and preparation resources are available on the internet; the CompTIA A+ is very well known exam that thousands of IT professionals take every year. The A+ examination is available in eight languages, with a ninth on the way. Nearly a million technicians worldwide are A+ certified, making it one of the most widely adopted international technical certifications. Together with the Network+ and Security+, the A+ demonstrates that the holder has a strong grasp of IT fundamentals and is ready to make a move up in the industry.

Find the Best A Plus Training Class in Maryland

A+ training is all about one thing, hands-on. If an A+ class isn’t hands on then it’s not going to really give you the best ability to perform as an entry level computer tech. The best hands-on training in the state of Maryland for the A+ can be found here.