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Hands-On Computer Training Classes in Maryland 


IT is a prevelant industry in Maryland. Close to Washington, D.C. where IT and Cyber Security jobs are in demand, an array of computer training courses can be found in the state of Maryland to either start or advance your career! Both individuals and companies have many resources where they can find they type of tech, networking, software and security training they need. However, the best type of training for almost anything technical is hands-on training. Interactive, do as you see training on topics that essentially are training you on how to complete a task that will make you valuable to your employer. 



The Importance of Having a Certified In-house IT Department


As a company grows, there comes a time when it is no longer a viable business solution to outsource those positions that deal with a company's IT needs. Small businesses usually have, at most, three to five computers that are easy to network together. That is, if networking them is even needed. A medium-sized business can get away with hiring someone to come in and take care of the networking needs of the office on a one time basis and a company document server can be easily outsourced. 

However, as a business becomes bigger and bigger, these one-time set ups and outsourced options become inefficient, expensive and can contribute to gross amounts of downtime in productivity while impacting customers negatively. All it takes is an offsite server to go down with no backup available for dollars to be lost quickly. However, when a company has on site IT employees, they will often have the ability to quickly switch to a backup system in minutes while they then proceed to fix whatever problems are happening on the main system. 

They are also extremely useful to have on hand when any computer issue arises. Whether network cables stop working, the office printer decides it doesn't want to let two computers out of 20 print for no apparent reason or problems come up within the software environments being used; having someone on site ensures that issues are dealt with promptly. On-call IT techs can wind up being far more expensive in terms of high fees and downtime than having at least one full-time IT employee.

A huge advantage for businesses having their own IT departments is that cloud computing can be housed on-site instead of being purchased through another company. This is advantageous in that companies can use the software and services they'd prefer to use instead of having to choose from software provided by whichever cloud computing hosts they'd been using previously. Not only can software be more freely chosen, but it has two other advantages. 

The first is, of course, cost. It is much less expensive to host and provide on-site cloud computing services for one's own employees than it is to rent those services for all of them from someone else. The second, and perhaps most important, is that when housed in the building, productivity will not fail in the event the Internet goes down for whatever reason and for however long. Computers still have access to the internal network and it can be set up so that the cloud server is still accessible to, at least, local employees. That greatly minimizes any potential downtime. 

The advantages to having an IT department are, clearly, many. Despite the need to hire at least one extra employee to run it, the costs are easily recouped when everything is done internally, and downtime will also be greatly reduced.